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How to get international study services faster written by: mbithem

Qualify me is a facilitator in the education areas and offers various courses to student across the globe. As the facilitator of education, they provide the following services, full time and vet fee help services, RPL and skills recognition, corporate and government training and international student services.

In the international student services, the company has various agents in various countries that help students with their visas and realizing their dreams to study in Australia. International students, who choose to study in Australia, are open to various opportunities.

Once you have confirmed that you will be studying in Australia, you are given the opportunity to choose accommodation that will suit your needs, and your budget. If you are planning to study in Australia then the following tips are good in finding a good accommodation.

Look at the cost of the place and other expenses that will be involved. You also need to confirm how far it is from the campus that you are going to study. Finally find out if there are hospitals, shopping centres, emergeny services and other services that you might need, during your stay.

Students are allowed to seek internship in Australia; international students have the opportunity to get internship, whether is paid or unpaid, it gives them the opportunity to get to know the country well.

Student are able to access the best education facilities, they make sure that the skills that you acquire, you are able to work anywhere in the world. The international student are also able to work as their attend classes at the same time. All courses offered to the international student are allowed a 40 hours of work time per forty nights.

International students are also allowed the same rights that are enjoyed by Australians, they are entitled to a better pay, challenge any unfair dismissal at work place, breaks and rest periods, a healthy and safe environment.

After the students have finished their education, they are given the opportunity of staying in Australia, using a different visa or going to their respective countries. Students are allowed to stay in the country but work on the field that they have studied.

The most important thing for international services for student is to ensure that their visas allow them to work and school at the same time. Among the international services that are offered to the student, community services top the list.

Students are allowed to give back to the community. It is through these programs that many of the international students get to meet new friends and explore the country well.

If you are looking to apply in international students and have a problem, you can seek assistance from Qualify me australia lawyers that will take you step by step on how you should apply and comply with Australian laws. There are many visas that are available but it all depends on the course that you will be studying and the duration of time that the course will take. Get in touch with Qualify me and study in Australia with ease.

Get Your Skills and Experience Recognized! written by: writingskillz

There are a lot of people who have the necessary skills, knowledge and skills in given fields and can easily qualify for related positions but they do not. It is possible to find that someone who does not have the same level of experience, skills or knowledge as you is given a job that you are right for. This is where comes in. With these services, you will be able to choose the qualification that suits you. You will have your oversees qualification recognized with a national recognition. They also have a fast and easy recognition of prior learning that fills in the gaps you might be having. There are several steps you will go through to achieve this.

The first thing does is they give you a skills assessment that is free. In this stage, you will be required to tell them of your goals and ambitions. This is important because through your answer, they are able to suggest some of the qualifications that will suit you best and ensure you achieve the all your goals. This is very important because it gives you a clear direction on how to go about choosing the right qualification and there is a lot of confidence you get from knowing that you are on the path to achieving your goals.

The next thing you will need to do is compile your overseas portfolio. This is very important because it acts as evidence that you have actually studies overseas. Some of the documents you will need include; resume, certificates, videos, photos, work samples and transcripts. The great thing about Qualify Me is the fact that they have someone who helps you gather all the documents you need. You therefore do not have to worry about what to do when you do not have some of the documents since there is someone taking you through the entire process.

Once you have completed your portfolio, you will leave the documents so that they can be observed in order for the people responsible to tell you what your strong areas and weak areas are. The great news is the fact that, they go through your portfolio in depth and list all the areas they think you are weak at and ensure they train you until you have improved. This is very beneficial because it heightens your qualification chances than before. This is because, after receiving the services, you leave having acquired even more skills that you did not have or you were very weak in.

The final step involves you getting qualified. Once you have gone through all these stages, your certificates will be recognized nationally. You will have no problem with licensing or immigration services from here on.

In conclusion, this company has very great services in recognition for prior learning. Their services are fast and very easy and they ensure that you fix your qualification issue within no time. It is therefore a great idea to get these services as soon as possible if you happen to be having some issues with qualification. You will have a chance to use your portfolio even if they are from oversees.


Want to achieve your goals and gain recognition for your skills and experiences? Get on board with Qualify Me, today!

Qualify Me! is a facilitator involved in the education sector. Providing plenty of services for the education industry, it can enrich you with accredited qualifications to reflect your skills.

Qualify Me! Gives you the freedom to choose a path in line with your career goals. No matter what you choose, you will experience a unique kind of education and training. What all you can learn?

· Effective communication skills

· Practical and on ground skills

· Technical skills

· Intellectual abilities for achieving global success

Qualify Me! Provides number of services in the education industry, which are:

· Full Time & Vet Fee Help Courses

· RPL & Skills Recognitions

· Corporate & Government Training

· International Student Services

· Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Vet Fee-Help Course

If you are interested to study but the high costs worry you, join Qualify Me’s Vet fee-help loan program. This is a student loan scheme for vocational education and training (VET), where the government pays the course fee. The student can start studying and pay the loan later when he starts working and earning.

Government and Corporate Training

Qualify Me! Provides a range of nationally accredited and recognized courses for government departments and employment agencies. These can be pre made courses for workshops, businesses, first aid and also tailor made courses suiting the employee’s requirement.

Skill Recognition & RPL specialist

Plenty of qualifications are provided via many registered training organisations (RTO) in order to provide students with their relevant industry experience.

International student agency representatives

Qualify Me! has got representatives in Lebanon, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Columbia, providing assistance to international students for their visa and desired study pathway in Australia.

Apprenticeship & Traineeship

A highly regarded method to develop the practical experience which is essential in every industry.

Why Qualify Me?

Have an industry experience in carpenting? Want to get professionally certified? Qualify me review is your place to be. Enroll, and get your skills assessed against the industry standards by an RPL trainer. A necessary gap training will lead you to decide the certification applicable. With the support of trainers your skills and knowledge will be matched against a suitable qualification and you will get the certification for the same in no time!

Worked hard for most of your lives, but cannot get your due recognition in the industry? Qualify Me! Will be light your way. Highly recommended for working professionals who are looking for a qualification in their industry, Qualify Me! is an excellent platform which provides extension of your skills to a professional level. The RPL & Skills recognition service provided by the platform is a quick and effective way to gain qualifications and get certified for your skills and knowledge.

The registration process is simple and the program cost is affordable. The staff is patient in explaining the payment plan and the learning program provides a seamless experience. The professional facilitators provide constant support and encouragement to the students for completing their enrolled program.

The RPL process has been set up in a very methodical and easy to follow manner. The staff ensures that students are assisted and provided clarity at every stage. The experts are always at their best to provide high standard service and satisfactorily handle the customer queries at all times.

How to Turn your Skills into Qualification written by: wanjiru222lawless

Qualify me helps people with skills, experience and knowledge in a specific field to effectively attain required qualification. Candidates who are eligible or those that would like to get a related qualification are helped to pursue their preferred qualification. Qualify Me takes your skills and knowledge and matches it with the required oversees qualification. Any gaps in a candidate’s qualification has are filled with the fast and easy RPL in addition to gap training programs to render the candidate an internationally recognized qualification.


· Free skills assessment- A person gets to discuss his or her goals with a highly qualified professional who helps the candidate choose an appropriate qualification that will match their skills. Professional advice on how you can effectively achieve your goals. · Evidence Portfolio-A candidate is required to just gather evidence such as their current resume, work samples, reference letters transcripts, certificates or overseas qualification. An experienced student support team helps the candidates compile your portfolio in a suitable manner. · Skills Check- Professionals assess your portfolio and conduct a competency conversation that includes practical observation to highlight your weak areas to put you up to scratch at no cost. · Qualified- Qualify Me is a licensed company that issues certificates that are nationally Recognized in Australia. You can use the certificate for immigration or licensing purposes.

Appropriate Candidates

· People whose overseas qualifications are not recognized in Australia

· People who want their practical experience recognized

· Those that want to attain a university bachelor and masters fast and at a low cost

· Those who want a qualification upgrade that can help them get a promotion?

· Your skills and experience are effectively turned into qualification.


Whether you want to study or even work or live in Australia, Qualify Me are the licensed professionals that can offer you work and study packages that will give you internationally recognized qualifications.

If you opt for full time courses, you are put through the governments VET FEE HELP scheme. This scheme offers you your preferred course while the government pays for your course fees while you study. You only pay the loan later when you start earning salaries that are over $53,345.

It offers business start up packages that at no cost. RPL has partnered with a recognized website developer MAD Solutions that customizes your business model. The website employs latest codes, looks and designs aimed at getting traffic flowing to your business. These kinds of websites are valued at between $2000 and 3000$.

Qualify me has also partnered with the well recognized Global Financial Consulting Group to give all its candidates free company registration.

Candidates get a chance to learn from the business guru who developed Qualify Me in to the leading company it is. You can from their trading experience, marketing strategies and wise skills in business. This knowledge will help you in building a functional business plan that will take your business to a higher level.

Eligible candidates receive business loans at some of the most competitive rates in the market via Many Rivers Microfinance Limited. You can get a loan of up to $5000.

Qualify Me has considered the needs of users from every conceivable angle. No other company offers this combination of functionality, efficiency and profitability. To top it off, the company is fully licensed.

Study first, pay later written by: mbithem


Do you want to study and do not have enough money or you do not have any cash on you at all? You should worry no more, are offering you an incredible deal of going through undergraduate and postgraduate education. By enrolling for Qualify Me Full time Vet fee help courses in this Australian based institution, you have an option of doing your studies right now and paying later. Moreover, the expertise and set standards of this institutions make it very easy for their graduates to get employed thus they can earn money to pay on time and without much stress. But then which courses are these which fall under Qualify Me Full time Vet help courses? You can get answer to that question in this article.

Vet Fee Help Courses

Diploma of management - course takes between one and two years and the course code for it is BSB5107. You can work as a Business manager, a business consultant, a team leader or run small business. After this course one can study advanced diploma or even university bachelor.

Diploma of business - the course takes six months and the course code is BSB50207. Course is taught online and one has to have an age of seventeen years or more for them to enroll. You can work in hospitality, marketing, administration and as a retailer after the course.

Diploma of project management - course takes between six months and two years and the course code is BSB51413. The teaching is done online and you has to have an age of eighteen years or more for you to enroll. You can work as a project manager, project team leader, project administrator, project leader or project contract manager after this course.

Diploma of hospitality - the course takes twelve months and the course code for it is STT50313. The course is taught online and you have to be seventeen and above for you to enroll. After the course, one can study advanced diploma or undertake a bachelor’s degree.

Diploma of travel and tourism - course takes eight months and the course code is STT50112. Course is delivered online. You can work as a tour operations manager, an inbound group manager, a call center manager, a sales manager or a tourism manager. You can advance your studies by taking higher diploma or even university bachelor’s degree.

Diploma of events- this course takes nine months and the course code is SIT50112. Course is delivered online and you have to be seventeen or above seventeen for you to enroll. You can further your studies after this by taking advanced diploma or even university degree.

Diploma of marketing -course takes six months and has a code of BSB51207. Course is delivered online and you have to be above eighteen years of age for you to enroll. You can work as a sales manager, marketing coordinator or marketing team leader after your studies.


RPL is the ultimate education solution. They offer many more courses apart from the aforementioned ones. The courses are of high quality and take the shortest time possible for you to kick start your career early. The charges for the courses are also considerably low. Moreover, you have an incredible option of studying now and paying for your studies later.


Experience and Qualification are two different things. One, you may have the experience in a particular vocation, but you cannot practice without the qualification that will certify you to go into practice. Qualification here is the license that you need to have a say in your chosen field. You may be qualified quite right; but your qualification has to go alongside with a mix of experience.

Every Country has set her own standards which must be followed to the letter before qualification can be issued to any one in any field of endeavor. In the pursuit of this many individuals has wasted time; energy; money and in some cases resources and at the end of the day, they still find themselves in square one.

Are you in Australia? Then this article will be of interest to you. I will attempt to clarify this twin issue of qualification and experience in this short educative article. Ever heard of QUALIFY ME? If you are to achieve your goals in Australia with a touch of excellence, then qualify me is the answer. They are into the business of qualifying you along with recognized qualifications to improve your skill.


These three letters, R P L are coded alphabets in Qualify me. It is the tripod upon which business is built in Qualify me. What do they represent?




Joined together, it means recognition of prior learning. You may have worked in an office; without a certificate in business administration. This firm will help you get the needed added qualification in business administration in order for you to move on.


1. When you get to Qualify me the staff will discuss your goals with you and advise you on the best qualification that matches your skill. You will be shown what you need to achieve your desired goal.

2. The next line of action is a compilation of your portfolio. This chiefly involves the gathering of the evidence of your resume. These include: reference letters; work examples/samples, overseas qualifications, photos/videos, current resume and certificates and transcripts. All these will have to be verified. You need not worry about the seemingly complex nature of this aspect of the exercise. You will be assisted by the support staff of Qualify me australia to get all necessary documents- it stress free.

3. That done. The Qualify me assessors will go through your portfolio to verify it. You will be called in for a competency observation to know whether you are actually what your records say you are in practical reality. If you are considered weak in certain areas, the trainers at Qualify me will brush you up at no extra costs.

4. After passing through the above three stages with success, then your qualification has been obtained. It is that easy. Qualify me is nationally recognized in Australia. They can be used for immigration and licensing purposes as required.


It can be seen from this brief article that Qualify me is the best for you in Australia. It will help make your experience to bear and end up getting you the desired qualifications.